Our Mission

“Excellence is Our Priority” ‐ it directs us to deliver the best. It is the basis for what we operate, and it constantly works as a guide to decisions and choices our employees make every day.


Benison Group was born with its first venture in 1991 with Benison International founded by Moin Rashid, motivated by his initial employment in DHL, primary business of Benison was international courier service. Shortly, Benison entered freight forwarding that led to formation of Titan Transportation Ltd. in 1995 to shift Benison’s forwarding business to its new entity. With time, Benison itself also diversified its business to air cargo and was appointed as (GSA, Cargo) of Uzbekistan Airways in Bangladesh. With this, Benison’s courier business was shifted to its newly formed allied BENEX. In 2002 with Benison Group’s steady growth in cargo business, Zoom Airways ‐ a cargo airline was formed. It jointly operated with numerous cargo airlines including Emirates Sky Cargo & Lufthansa Cargo. During same time Benison Group made further expansions to Real Estate and Trading business and formed Bashgreho Properties (real estate) and Time Trade ImpEx (trading house) while Benison & Titan continued its freight forwarding, shipping & NVOCC businesses. Titan represented Delmas Line, Jas Forwarding, Maxicon Line and few more including Joint Venture with a Sri Lankan conglomerate Aitken Spence. Titan & its allied units have experience of operational support service delivery to DHL Global Forwarding in its airport & warehouse, Emirates Passenger & Cargo flights, Lufthansa Cargo Flights and several more. With time Titan has expanded its network around the globe in five continents and thriving still.

‐ Equality  ‐ Fair & Kind  ‐ Help needy
‐ Philanthropy  ‐ Diversity  ‐ Volunteerism
‐ Print less  ‐ Environment Conservation

The above is just a list unless we act! And that is what we believe in, to serve our community and society by action. We voice ourselves in ways that bring benefits, improve, and help people around us, and the environment we live in. Being loud is not the only way, being advertised is not required if it does not serve the purpose of needs prevailing. Our CSR  focuses on balancing ecology & economy by engaging our people to realize what  CSR could be in a wider aspect and what level of benefit can be yielded in the betterment of living. Spreading knowledge of CSR is an important CSR  itself. Improving the mindset of our internal customers and assuring a culture of coexistence is a significant field of CSR we work on. Fairness & Just!